Bridges with a story

Wet, Fast and Fun!

The river Liffey divides Dublin between the “Northside” and the “Southside”. This has not only given each side it’s own character but it has also instilled a strong sense of local pride in being from a particular community that may   have changed little over the decades. Dublin has a fantastic range of bridges that now span the river and each of these bridges have their own story. Some date back to the early 1700 hundreds while others are much more recent. Old classical design sits easily with the most modern and striking, eg the Samuel Beckett bridge by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Further up the river is the beautiful and iconic Ha’penny Bridge. Built in 1815, it was the first pedestrian bridge which got it’s name because ther was a toll of a half penny to cross it. Today it is free to cross and it is one of the most popular bridges for both visitors and locals alike. There are three bridges alone named after great Irish writers; James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Sean O’Casey.