Literary and Historical Dublin

Dublin - Oscar Wilde

Dublin has a thriving literary, arts, street music and social scene. Bars and restaurants come alive at night and offer an amazing array of cuisine, live music and entertainment. Dublin theatre too is vibrant and hosts productions from the world’s leading writers including many of Ireland’s famous sons, eg, Beckett, Wilde, Yeats, Shaw, Friel, O’Casey, Keane, etc. Dublin has many excellent public museums and galleries. The good news is that they are FREE. Your tour guide will point out many of these gems on the day. Dublin boasts a fantastic array of beautiful Georgian buildings dating back to the early 1700′s. While some unfortunately have been lost along the way, thankfully a great number have been preserved in the original magnificent state, each one telling it’s own unique story. There are five Georgian squares in the city and your tour will bring you through some of them, pointing out the homes of fascinating characters who lived there. You might even meet Oscar Wilde in his full sartorial splendor. Visit St Patrick’s Cathedral where the great Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels) preached as dean. See where the Vikings first landed in Dublin. Learn about their conquests, way of life and see the amazing discoveries unearthed from this period. To add an extra dollop of culture, we might even point out or better still, call into some interesting bars on the way!
Places along the route include Trinity College, Dublin Castle, City Hall, Viking Dublin, St Patrick’s Cathedral and many more wonderful attractions.